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"Those who wander are not always lost"


About Our Company

    Knight Towing, LLC has a wonderful reputation not just for the hardware store, but for the exceptional work they do. This company has excellenct ETA... standards, all with the knowledge of roadside & towing. Our drivers have a great sense of humor along with the care of your vehicle.
Our Company holds a lot of clientel, not just  with insurance companies, but personal & referred customers.
Knight Towing, LLC takes extreme "Pride" in what we do, and an extra caring hand with children. If Children are involved with a minor or major breakdown, we keep soft plush toys on hand for them, we feel this occupies/calms them while our drivers are talking to the parents.
We know how fustrating it can be to breakdown on the freeway, or even a side road out in  the middle of know where, We know how much of  a headache it is not to have your vehicle, or even how devestating it is if your in an accident....So at Knight Towing we try to be as fast as we can go, along with efficiency to get your car either running and on your way, and/or towed to your specific repair shop/your house. When an accident does occur we work as quick as possible to get the roads cleared, so those that are in that "wait line" can get on with their busy day.
Remember we don't sleep, cause we are always working at "Knight" fo r You. 24 Hours a Day-7 Days a Week we are available,.
So why don't you give us a try for your next vehicle problem. I Promise You, you will be 100% Satisfied with our Services.


     Knight Towing, LLC is a local and privately owned towing and roadside service in Walworth County, located in Elkhorn, WI. We are very well known in the area since 2007, formerly founded by the late Kenneth Woller, Son of Mr. & Mrs. Woller and  Brother of Cindy Watson of True Value hardware store in Elkhorn. Ken passed away in 2011, in October of 2011 Dwayne Whitt, Manager of True Value took the company over to keep Kenneth's Name & Company alive in his memory.

Knight Towing LLC & Roadside

Light/Medium Duty Service

Roadside Service

Other Services
Private Towing/Roadside
Apartment building Monitoring/illegal  abandoned parking
Storage (at owner's expense)
Accident Calls
**Apartment Managerss, Would  you like to become our client to monitor your parking lots? Please feel free to call with any questions.

 Jump Start
Flat Tire
Fuel Delivery
Flat bed Towing
Classic Cars
Demo/Racing Cars

24 Hours A Day

7 Days A Week

Most Insurance

30-60 Min. Average ETA..
Within Walworth County

ETA's for Rock & Other Counties
Please Contact Us.....

Will tow to your prefered Destination

Knight Towing, LLC

The Next page contains some open and graphic content please scroll with caution.
    The minute A Tow Driver gets dispatched out to a call, their mind starts to race to get to the person on the end of that call, all they think about is their safety when their broke down on the side of a road, "are there children involved?" questions like these pop in their head, in the meantime who looks out for them? Just like an emergency vehicle, Please Slow Down...Move Over... So many Tow  Drivers have been injured or even lost their life to make sure someoe else is safe....
If & When you do break down, and need assistance for roadside or tow, we also, ask that you don't distract the Driver until your vehicle is either running or loaded, please do as your asked. When a tow is needed please stand back always stand on passage side of the vehicle.. This isn't just for our safety but for yours also. So many things can happen with towing a vehicle, the bed can drop at anytime, a winch cable can snap, or even the safety chains or straps can break and fly. Even roadside as simple as a flat tire can be dangerious, the jack can give. If children are involved, always try to keep them calm and reassure them it's gonna be ok, this can be scary for a child at a young age.
This isn't just for our Company but, for any tow service out there.
  Being A Tow Truck Driver, can be heart warming, overwhelming, it is also heart breaking when you get called to an accicent scene like the pictures below.. Not only doing roadside or towing services, the accident calls can be miracles or devistating.. Again wondering if children are involved.
Tow Drivers see as much as the paramedics or even fire rescue, the difference is the Tow Driver don't know what they are rolling up on until they reach the scene, thats the scariest of it all, not being prepared to what they will see, they must stay calm and clear the road immediately.
We Ask and Beg all that read our Site
As not only a Driver & Owner of this Company I am also a Parent so from me to you, your not just affecting yourself but everyone around you.

Just A

God Bless
Be Safe!

** Parents with teenage/young adult drivers, please before you hand over the keys or they pull out in their vehicle, inbed this into them, give them the warnings. Please advise them what to do if their vehicle breaks down. Please advise them the risks of text & drunk driving, who it all involves and the cost they will pay for it.
We see more on the road, the worse feeling in the world is to see a young person involved or even fatality of a child..
It's hard enough to be a parent now a days, lets make one less worry in the world...



Enroute Charge $2.00 a Mile
(to get to your vehicle)
(This charge is for all Services)
Tow Charges
  • In Tow (to destination) $4.00 a Mile
  • Tow Hook-up   $65.00
  • Winching  $ 60.00   in 1/2 hr. incriments  


Roadside Charges


  • Flat Tire                      $45.00
  • Lockout                       $45.00
  • Jump Start                  $45.00
  • Fuel   $45.00 plus fuel (up to 5 gal.)


Dwayne Whitt
Address: 455 E. Geneva St. Elkhorn WI, 53121
Phone: 262-749-6674

Dedicated to our founder of Knight Towing
& Friend.....

In Loving Memory

Kenneth J. Woller

  July 16, 1960 - Aug. 10, 2011